What's in a name? On the Table of Elements, #78 is the atomic number for "Platinum". And, ATOMIC 78 is just that...4 elements (or pieces of) AMERICAN PLATINUM.

Over the past few years, AMERICAN PLATINUM has emerged as a frontrunner in premier live entertainment. When AP is not touring, 4 members of the award-winning band come together and perform as ATOMIC 78.

ATOMIC 78 plays the hits from the 70's thru the 90's that audiences love, including a few that would make your list of “guilty pleasures.”

ATOMIC 78 is:

The "Oxygen" guy:

  • Tony Navis - Lead Vocals, Keyboards

The "Carbon" guy:

  • Jeff DePetro - Guitar, Vocals

The "Nitrogen" guy:

  • Shane LeSage - Bass, Vocals

The "Hydrogen" guy:

  • Mike Rowland - Drums, Vocals



Atomic 78 is available November thru April each year.  Dates for November '23 will be announced soon.

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